Dry ecological building systems

Renovo Bioedil offers its customers ecological construction products from renewable raw materials. We produce the systems for roofs, floors and walls.
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Wood fiber is a unique insulation material
Eco-friendly, recyclable material made of natural wood
Why is it?
The table below shows the comparison of the characteristics of the most popular thermal insulation materials used in construction.
Excellent thermal insulation properties
Very good acoustic properties and sound insulation
Similarly low thermal conductivity, and unique extremely low thermal diffusivity
What does it mean?
Low value of α, like in wood fiber means that heat moves through it slowly. In practical terms, this means that when using fiber wood, your thermal losses will be the same as for mineral wool, PS or PU; but there will be a much longer period of time for temperature diffusion under the same conditions. Your house will cool down much slower when the outside temperature drops and your house will warm up much slower when the outside temperature rises. The same is true for wooden houses, but you will need 3 times thicker walls compared to wood fiber.
Thermal conductivity or λ is the ability of the material to conduct heat, lower values are better for insulation. For wood fiber it is roughly the same as for mineral wool, polystyrene or polyurethane. Thermal diffusivity or α is the measure of thermal inertia.
Renovo Bioedil’s wood fiber insulating materials bring a bit of mother nature into your home
Wood is, by its very nature, a particularly energy-efficient building material. Even as a solid beam it insulates around 5 times better than concrete and 350 times better than steel. The wood fiber enclose the smallest air chambers in the insulation boards and thus guarantee excellent insulation - ideal for the construction of state-of-the-art energy-saving buildings or for sophisticated renovations.
Select the most appropriate product for your house!
For example, you want to improve your old house with thick and heavy walls. The main objective is only to reduce the heat losses, so our ECOBUILD panel with a low density of 120 kg/m3 will be great. You already have a good heat capacity of your walls and they will slowly warm up or cool down when you put the insulation on the outside walls. The price of wood fiber as well as other insulation materials is more or less proportional to density, so this product will be cheaper.
In case you are building a new house with carcass technology or similar, the best solution will be a high density wood fiber panel, like BIOKLIMA (200 kg/m3). This will give your house very low heat losses and a comfort of living a wooden house with very small temperature variation during the day and the night
Wood fiber panels with their fibrous structure have very good acoustic properties so can also be used for sound insulation. For better sound insulation, in particular for internal walls, it is advisable to select higher densities.
The current technologies also allow to make this material waterproof (used for ceiling and floors) and fireproof.